How to Use Bait in Pest Control

Some folks think of pests or bugs when they hear the term “pests”, whereas others think only of rodents, squirrels, or raccoons (again, in some places, even deer may fit the” rodent” category for others). So then what exactly is the proper term for pests? Pest control is the act of removing or controlling pests from your place of residence or business by using certain methods or products. These can include poison, traps, and various sprays.

When it comes to pests, some of the most common ones are ants, spiders, fleas, termites, and bees. Each has their own specific way of attacking or inhabiting a home or business, which makes eliminating them both a very difficult and timely process. Ants, for instance, are known for coming in and out of homes with a great amount of noise. They are also capable of causing destruction in your home or business through severe destruction of electronics, books, and other written materials. Spiders have been know to do serious amounts of damage to walls and wooden structures. And, finally, bees can be a real nuisance as well!

So which of these three types of pest management should you focus on? Generally, it’s best to go with one of the first two – insecticides. This method will work wonders in controlling pests because they are very efficient in getting rid of the insects outright. The chemical will either wear off the insects or destroy them so they cannot reproduce.

However, many people feel that insecticides are not always the best course of action for pest control. After all, they do cost money, and in some cases, homeowners have to replace the chemicals used unnecessarily. For this reason, many people now choose to use bait for pest control instead of or in addition to insecticides. In order to attract the right kind of insects to your bait, however, you must make sure that the bait is attractive enough to get the insects to come and eat.

One very effective way of enticing insects to your bait is to edit the natural enemies in your yard. You can do this by killing certain kinds of insects and then replacing them with another type of pest. For instance, if you have deer and raccoons in your yard, you can kill the deer and maybe the raccoon and then insert a mothball into their holes. Then, you can add some natural enemies onto the mothball to help it take hold. Not only will this help repel the beetles and flies away, but it will also ensure that your other natural enemies can take over.

Finally, if you want to be really sneaky (and not draw more attention to yourself), you can even edit the bait so that it makes a sound as it goes through the trap crop. If you put a cricket bait on the trap, then when it goes through the crop it makes a different noise. This is both a way to get the pests to your traps as well as an easy way to clear your garden of the insects. Using bait as a method of pest control doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be overtly cruel. As long as you make sure that the methods you are using to capture the pests do not harm the main article of food in your garden, you can use bait without worrying about hurting the innocent.

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