Pest Control – Bait, Rodents, and Other Animals

Pest Control of harmful species that are detrimental to society, economy or natural environment. An airline applies low-bee insecticide bait during a flight to eradicate a persistent rootworm that attacks wheat. Pest control, in the wider sense, is the proactive management or control of a specific species defined as an invasive species, a member of the arthropod family that affects negatively on human health. Examples of these would be bed bugs, fleas, and ticks.

Apart from the definition above, pest control can also be categorized as biological control of pests or more specifically, the use of non-chemical means to eradicate pests from a specific area or location. It is a growing industry that includes the use of chemicals as well as biological control of pests for agriculture, environmental management, hospitality, and commercial applications. Chemical-free (natural) products are also gaining popularity. Many homeowners are now making use of natural methods of pest control for various reasons.

Pests may be termites or ants. Both of these destructive insects have been declared as hazardous. The difference between these two is their method of destruction. Termites tend to eat the wood while ants tend to do damage to structures. These two are the common pest control workers.

Another termites’ main characteristic is their fecal matter. Other popular pests include the white-flies and the ticks. Commonly known as the carpenter ants, the white-fly is a medium sized ant with reddish-black carapace and antennae that usually lives in moist soil. It feeds on living material and leaves, especially leaf litter. They have yellowish tapered mandibles and are distinguished by their bright color.

Ticks have long been a problem by most people. The most common kind in North America is the black-tailed deer tick. Its scientific name is Ctenocephalides felis. Black-tailed deer ticks feed on carrion and other animals. When disturbed, they bite into the skin causing severe damage. Some, however, are sensitive to a chemical called anaesthetic, which is used in the pest control industry to minimize damage done.

Rodents are another type of pests. Small rodents, mice, and rats can do a lot of damage in your home. They can transmit diseases, eat household pets, dig tunnels, and destroy gardens. If you want to get rid of rodents in and around your home, there are many options available. One of these options is integrated pest management, where traps and bait are using to kill the rodents and prevent them from coming back.

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