Pest Control: It’s More Than a Vacuum!

Pest Control is a term that encompasses several pest management practices and products. Pest management technicians work with businesses, schools and organizations to stop, identify and eliminate ants, bees, ticks, gnats, spiders and many other pesky crawlies. Pest controllers can also work in hospitals, schools, offices, churches, recreational centers, zoos, or other public places where individuals gather. Here are some ways a professional pest controller may be used.

One of the most common and popular forms of pest control involves the use of baits. Baiting is a popular practice that involves filling an insect trapping system with specially prepared bait, which will lure the insects towards the trap and away from your home or business. Some bait types will attract certain species of insects, while others will attract all kinds. Some baits are designed to repel mosquitoes while others can attract and kill crawling pests such as ants and termites. Baits are available in a variety of colors and some can even be self-propelled so that you don’t need a machine to get them going.

Another form of pest control involves using bait to lure the insects away from another area. This method of bait placement is usually more effective for larger sized pests or insects that have a tendency to stick around. However, this method may not be effective at all times or may not work at all. In order to attract insects that will be repelled by the bait, it is important that the bait is strategically placed throughout your property and the surrounding grounds.

For areas of the home that receive high traffic, professional pest control companies may use heat to discourage insects from nesting. This method can be effective in the summer months and can be especially helpful if you have a bug problem at various times during the year. Professional pest control companies will usually apply a pesticide aerosol into the areas that become hot and will not let insects escape. They may also use other methods, including fumigation, which involves filling a large chamber with a mixture of warm air and a pesticide, in order to achieve the same effect.

If the problem is not local, then you can also consider contacting a pest control company to help you in controlling pests. Pest controllers will use a variety of techniques and often combine techniques in an effort to get rid of the pests as quickly and effectively as possible. These pest controllers will often use a mechanical device known as a bug bomb. This device is attached to the outside of a structure, such as a building, and contains a variety of devices that will cause insect swarms to fly away from the area. The bug bombs will often remain active for several hours.

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